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 Tryouts, Discord, and You

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PostSubject: Tryouts, Discord, and You   Tue May 10, 2016 12:57 pm

Being as it is the first unique website post, welcome to the homepage, many of you for the first time.
Today is Tuesday, May 10th. I've mentioned it to most of you but tonight you can be in Discord at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

We have a lot to cover, a lot to execute, and fairly little time to do so. If you've accepted an invitation to the tryout process, please accept the invite on your League client into the Team SVS club to keep you up to date on all of the moving pieces over the course of roughly the next Two to Three weeks.

If you've missed any thing that you should have completed already, below is a check list to make sure you've done every thing you've needed to so far to continue this process goes smoothly.

  • Join the Team SVS Club on your League of Legends client. If you still need this invitation, contact Etyrnal in-game.
  • Join the Team SVS Discord to quickly get in contact with other potential team members as well as staying informed.
  • Have your initial interview with Etyrnal in order to better understand your obligation as apart of this tryout process, how the team works, and any questions you or myself may have for each other. All interviews conducted over Discord.

For any and all questions, you have multiple outlets. This website is a valuable place for asking any thing in the forums. You can get in contact with me, weather it be on these forums, on Discord, or on the League of Legends client. I'm extremely looking forward to a solid next few weeks. Thank you for your dedication.
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Tryouts, Discord, and You
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